Jitka Kubatova My name is Jitka Kubátová and I am Assistant of International Customer Care Department. At i4wifi a.s. a team of six dealers processes over 120 orders every day which we dispatch to more than 45 countries worldwide. We have rich experience of foreign trade. To provide you with extra help, I have drawn up a list of important answers to FAQs.

You can be convinced that ordering goods through us from abroad right to your door is simple and convenient. Do not hesitate to contact our sales department if you have any further questions (export@i4wifi.eu) where our team of dealers will always be willing to help you.

I wish you pleasant shopping.

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  1. How much will transport cost to my country?

    The cost of transport by our reliable partner TNT is calculated by e-shop automatically when making out an order in accordance with the weight of the ordered goods. You can see the transport costs in the basket before confirmation of the order so you will know exactly how much you will pay for the transport.
  2. Are the goods I want to order in stock?

    You will see the currently available quantity for each product. It does not matter if the product you select has a warehouse stock of 0, you can reserve the goods from the very next delivery. Once your order has been sent the dealers will send you information about the delivery date.
  3. What discount will I get with a large order?

    The price limits are divided into four categories. The initial discount is calculated according to the total value of the purchase. The more you add to one order that lower the price of the goods. You can see the individually categorised discounts in the details of the product. The current discounted prices can be seen in the basket prior to the confirmation of the order.
  4. How can I pay for the goods?

    With us everyone can choose the form of payment which is the most convenient:
    1. Bank transfer to an account – payment in advance – Make a payment order at your bank and your bank will transfer the money from your account to our account. We usually receive the money within four days after payment. We dispatch the paid goods the same day that we receive payment.

      Bank charges: please make the payment by having the money transfer charges deducted separately from your account and not from the payment you send. In the opposite case the deposit for the goods will not be fully paid and this will delay the dispatch of the delivery as additional payment will have to be made to settle the difference.
    2. Credit card – the quickest form of payment – We will send you a link to the payment gateway where you will enter the information about your payment card. The bank will check that the money is available on your card and will deduct it from your card/account. We dispatch paid goods every day at 2:00 p.m. and if payment arrives after 2:00 p.m. the goods will be dispatched the next working day.
    3. Payment in cash – EUR or CZK – We will be happy to welcome you in person to our firm. Our headquarters are in Prague in the Czech Republic (you will find the precise address and map here). You can pay for the goods here in cash and once you make payment you can collect them immediately. We accept payments in EUR and CZK. If you want to pay in USD you can deposit the money directly into an account at a nearby bank.
  5. I did not get all goods as I ordered, what can I do?

    Please see this document to check the information abount the TNT shipment.
  6. Will I pay further charges such as tax for the goods?

    • If the destination address is in the EU and you have a valid VAT-ID, you do not pay any further tax.
    • If the destination address is in the EU, and you do not gave a valid VAT-ID (you are the end consumer), we then add 20% tax to the order.
    • If the destination address is outside the EU you never pay tax. You need to settle the relevant charges under the laws in your country.
    • You will find more information about taxes in English.
  7. What is the minimum value of the ordered goods?

    It is possible to order a random number and value of goods. A handling charge of 30 USD is added to small orders of up to 50 USD. Therefore we recommend you order goods worth more than 50 USD.
  8. What is the guarantee on the goods?

    The guarantee is always stated in the product details. We provide a guarantee for a manufacturing fault of 12 months for most goods.
  9. How can I file a claim for faulty goods?

    First of all, please make sure the goods are really faulty. In this respect we advise that you firstly contact our technical department by email. If the goods really are non-functional, complete a simple form which you will find after logging onto our website. Enter the product serial number here and the system will allocate a claim number. Mark the number on the parcel and send it to our address. We will send you the repaired goods with a new order.

Do you speak English? - We speak English. This website comes in more than one language for better understanding. We must remind you that the main language of communication for processing the orders is English.
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