Frequently asked questions
  1. How much will transport cost to my country?
    The cost of transport by our reliable partner TNT is calculated by e-shop automatically when making out an order in accordance with the weight of the ordered goods. You can see the transport costs in the basket before confirmation of the order so you will know exactly how much you will pay for the transport.

    ADR9If your order include battery based goods there is special shipping mode with ADR shipping cost. Available countries for ADR shipping: PT, ES, FR, UK, IE, IT, DE, BE, NL, LU, CH, DK, FI, SE, NO, CZ, AT, SK, PL, HU, LV, LT, EE, SI, RO, MD, BG. Use your own shipping agent for other countries if your order include bateries.

    Overview of all shipping methods available.
    Shipping of small orders is cheap, available to many countries.

    If you wish to use your own shipping agent (UPS, DHL, Fedex, ....) or cargo company, it is possible as well. You can enter the details about your shipping agent into the additional notes for your order.

  2. Are the goods I want to order in stock?
    You will see the currently available quantity for each product. It does not matter if the product you select has a warehouse stock of 0, you can reserve the goods from the very next delivery. Once your order has been sent the dealers will send you information about the delivery date.

  3. What discount will I get with a large order?
    The price limits are divided into four categories. The initial discount is calculated according to the total value of the purchase. The more you add to one order that lower the price of the goods. You can see the individually categorised discounts in the details of the product. The current discounted prices can be seen in the basket prior to the confirmation of the order.

  4. How can I pay for the goods?
    With us everyone can choose the form of payment which is the most convenient:

    1. Bank transfer to an account – payment in advance – Make a payment order at your bank and your bank will transfer the money from your account to our account. We usually receive the money within four days after payment. We dispatch the paid goods the same day that we receive payment.
    2. Bank charges: please make the payment by having the money transfer charges deducted separately from your account and not from the payment you send. In the opposite case the deposit for the goods will not be fully paid and this will delay the dispatch of the delivery as additional payment will have to be made to settle the difference.
    3. Credit card – the quickest form of payment – We will send you a link to the payment gateway where you will enter the information about your payment card. The bank will check that the money is available on your card and will deduct it from your card/account. We dispatch paid goods every day at 2:00 p.m. and if payment arrives after 2:00 p.m. the goods will be dispatched the next working day.
    4. Payment in cash – EUR or CZK – We will be happy to welcome you in person to our firm. Our headquarters are in Prague in the Czech Republic (you will find the precise address and map here). You can pay for the goods here in cash and once you make payment you can collect them immediately. We accept payments in EUR and CZK. If you want to pay in USD you can deposit the money directly into an account at a nearby bank.

      See payment rules by Cash.

  5. I did not get all goods as I ordered, what can I do?
    Please see this document to check the information abount the TNT shipment.

    If you recieved all listed boxes and yet there is missing goods in your order please fill this protocol. Your claim will be revisited by camera record and package weight to conclude final resolution.

  6. Will I pay further charges such as tax for the goods?
    • If the destination address is in the European Union and you have a valid VAT ID, we will send the goods without further charges, and you need to pay the taxes under the laws in your country.
    • If the destination address in the European Union and you do not have a valid VAT ID, then a surcharge of 21% of the order’s value is included in the price of the goods.
    • If the destination address is outside the EU, we send the goods without any further charges, and you need to pay tax or duty under the laws in your country. In addition, we offer a service for this form of transport when
      • for a mere $ 120, we will deal with all the documents and formalities required for the export of goods outside the EU on your behalf.
      • Should you decide to deal with the export formalities yourself then you need to obtain more information about the import of goods from the relevant authorities in your country before the dispatch of goods as we cannot vouch for any problems with the delivery of the goods (for example if the customs authority were to retain the goods).
    • If the destination address is outside the EU and you want to use your own transport, it is possible to arrange a deposit on returns of 21% of the order’s value. We will refund this deposit to you once the goods leave EU territory. We need to support this fact by an export document validated by the customs authority once the goods leave the EU. You will find more information here.

  7. What is the minimum value of the ordered goods?
    There is no minimum order amount. We welcome orders from any customers.

  8. What is the guarantee on the goods?
    The guarantee is always stated in the product details. We provide a guarantee for a manufacturing fault of 12 months for most goods.

  9. How can I file a claim for faulty goods?
    First of all, please make sure the goods are really faulty. In this respect we advise that you firstly contact our technical department by email. If the goods really are non-functional, complete a simple form and send it to our Tech Support Department. They will contact you with further instructions.

  10. What should I do if I receive a damaged package?
    Carefully check the shipment before takeover the supply of goods from the shipping company. If the package will be any way damaged or creased, take it only with reservations. Further claims will not be possible to assert for damaged goods by transportation if you will take over the shipment without reservation.
    You must take photo of package before unpacking for possible claim.
    Make sure to proceed with reservation (claim) directly with TNT representative who have handled the goods. Contents of any damaged/creased box have to be checked before takeover!
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