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GWL/Power LAN controller with relay V2.5

Manufacturer: GWL/Power
Warranty: 12 months
LAN controller with relay V2.5
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LAN restarter is simple, but innovative device. This device serves as a web server that displays various types of sensors, and allows remote control of up to 5 outputs.
In addition, it is possible to program the events relevant measures to fulfill some of the sensors. The device has a watchdog function - to 5 network devices with conditional control relay. Suitable for many applications can be a scheduler that allows on / off at a certain time or certain period of time. There is also a PWM output to control lighting or electric motor.

Examples of use:

- Watchdog control and reset the Ethernet device

Home Automation:
- Automatic heating when the temperature drops or rises beyond the set limit.
- Turn on / off lights or other devices

Basic properties - hardware:

- 5 analog inputs: temperature, voltage and current and other physical parameters indirectly
- Two logic inputs
- 1 relay (NC, NO, C)
- 4 outputs for switching relays, transistors, etc.
- the ability to connect other board with 4 relays
- 1 PWM output 2.6 kHz to 4 MHz
- reverse polarity protection

Key features - software:

- Management from the Web or SNMP v2.
- firmware updates using TFTP protocol
- reading data in real time without page refresh
- possibility of switching up to 5 relays directly from the Web
- Scheduler (switching outputs at some time during the week)
- Watchdog 5 IP devices
- measurement of voltage, temperature and current of the connected sensors
- Setting the time manually or by an NTP server
- automatic sending of value and status of sensors at certain intervals using SNMP server
- Supported protocols: HTTP, SNMP, SMTP, SNTP, ICMP, DNS, DHCP.
- Supported sensors: NTC1K B = 3950, KTY-84, PT1000


- Supply voltage: 9-36V
- Power: 1 W
- PoE: Yes, passive
- Interface: Ethernet 10 Mbit / s
- relay: 10A 125VAC
- Operating temperature: -20 to 85 ° C
- Dimensions 57x67mm
- Weight 45 g

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